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Yesterday Jenna Porter, Joanne Barton and Michelle Frogley took part in the Hampton Court Place Half after completing the course Joanne stated, "Never again!" so watch this space! For their super efforts they received a very creative T shirt and Medal.

Joanne 2:47:49

Michelle 2:51:58

Jenna 2:55:20

Hampton court medal .JPG

Last weekend saw Justin & Tina Burton together with Natasha Webb take part in the Brighton Marathon, this is the first time this event has gone ahead since the pandemic and it was great seeing so many runners back out and running in this popular race, unfortunately Justin had to pull out due to an injury but both the girls battled on to the end.


Tina 4:36:46

Natasha 4:27:28


A lot further North Rachel Malerick and Kat Li T Orr were busy tackling the famous Great North Run, again with some excellent results



Rachel 2:11

Kat 2:46




Much nearer home Paul Franklin decided to celebrate his birthday in style by taking on the Ingatesone 5 mile race with Richard Bonham who only the day before completed the final summer series cross country with Adam Hemsworth and Rob Dunn with a bottle of bubbly for Richard coming in second place in his age category 


Richard Bonham 32:26

Paul Franklin 40:10








Adam Hemsworth 40:04

Richard Bonham 43:20

Rob Dunn 57:03





Richard Moore took part in a rather usual race last week and this is how it works 

your running number will be a bingo card. It will have 3 numbers on it. You will also have a unique ball bag (no sniggering back there!). Your aim is to tick off all your numbers. Easy right?

There is a loop of about 2 miles. You run a loop and then pick a number out of a bag in a Bingo style. If you pick one of your numbers, say 13, then you can cross that off and do another loop. If you pick another number then you just head back out onto another loop and repeat.

You will each have your own unique ball bag and chosen balls are not replaced. 

You finish the race when you have all 3 of your numbers crossed off. Easy.

So in theory you could finish this race in 6 miles if you are the luckiest person in the world.

You could run forever and just never pick your numbers out.

There will be a 10 hour cut-off. You could break the 100 mile record and still DNF. That would be hilariously unfair wouldn't it? So Richard clocked up 51.75 km! 
























This year the Essex Way Relay finally went ahead

starting with Martin Victory out in Epping Forest

and finishing all the way over in Harwich with 

Rachel Maverick, it was a warm day by the

afternoon and the results were as follows:


219 points - 15th place out of 39 teams


Individual places


Martin Victory 32nd

Adam Poulton 16th

John Sweeney 14th

Martin Howlett 12th

Jack Hodges 20th

Nick McCullagh 43rd

Adam Hemsworth 5th

Richard Bonham 13th

Linda Mountford 23rd

Rachel Malerick 41st 


Great results, need a few more teams next year as a good fun and enjoyable event

Bingo .JPG
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